The Bhagwan Shree Rafneesh Diary 1979 (1st edition) by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Rajneesh Foundation, 1979


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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (diaries)

The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Diary 1979

Year of publication : 1978
Publisher : Rajneesh Foundation
Number of pages : Supplement: 67. Diary not numbered.)
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : For sale in India only. © 1978 Rajneesh Foundation.
Size : 226 x 144 x 28 mm
published by Ma Yoga Laxmi
Design: Sw Anand Yatri; Ma Deva Adheera
Quotations compilation: Ma Ananda Sarita
Coordination: Ma Yoga Pratima
Production: Sw Govind Vedant; Sw Deva Shraddhan; Sw Premdharma
Photography: Ma Yoga Vivek; Ma Prem Champa; Sw Krishna Bharti
This edition contains 67 text pages in the front of the book (which have about the same text as the brochure My People: A Community to Provoke God):

“The Master has said that the preparatory work in Poona is now over and that we are already in a new phase. This necessitates a move to a new site as soon as possible. To celebrate the event a small supplement is offered. It contains a very short selection of those talks in which he shares with us his Vision of both what is happening and what is yet to come.”
Chapters: The Master – A Short Biography, Love and Meditation, Master and Disciple, Sannyas, Master of Masters, Psychology of the Buddhas: The 3rd Psychology of Man, Buddhafield, The Commune, Meditations (with explanations for each), Groups and Therapies.

This is a very rare only 5000 issued the original silk boards are heavily worn and watermarked but inside is unmarked and very good..  The diary has just a few hand written entries which I feel are part of it’s charm


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