Trustee From The Toolroom (1st edition) by Nevil Shute. Heinemann 1960


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Technical journalist, Keith Stewart writes articles about how to build miniature machines in a magazine called the Miniature Mechanic. It doesn’t pay well but he likes the work. His sister her husband leave their 10-year-old daughter with Keith and his wife. Before leaving, they ask Keith for assistance in hiding a jewelry box in the yacht’s concrete ballast. When the couple are killed in a shipwreck  Keith becomes the permanent guardian and trustee of his niece. But, the solicitor handling the estate finds that the money has disappeared; the evidence suggests that Keith’s brother-in-law converted his wealth into diamonds to take with him in the jewellry box.


Nevil Shute’s last novel published posthumously. The volue is in excellent condition bound in red cloth.


Publisher: Heinemann 1960