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Tremble And Obey: An ABC Correspondent’s Account Of The Bloody Beijing Spring (1st edition) by Trevor Wilson. ABC Books, 1990. ISBN: 0 7333 0003 0

Daily Lives Of Civilians In Wartime Twentieth-Century Europe (1st edition) Nicholas Atkins (ed). Greenwood Press, 2008. ISBN: 978 0 313 33657 7

Silent Death: The Threat Of Biological And Chemical Warfare (1st edition) by Kathlyn Gay. Twenty-First Century Books, 2001. ISBN: 0 7613 1401 6

Organ Farm – Pig-To-Human Transplants: Medical Miracle Of Genetic Time Bomb (1st edition) by Jenny Bryan and John Clare. Carlton Books, 2001. ISBN: 1 84222 249 X

$28 per item