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From Nappies To Walking Sticks (1st edition; signed) by Roy H. Patterson. R. H. Patterson, 2000

Tapper George (1st edition; signed) by Stewart Alexander. The Grand Lodge of western Australian Freemasons, 2010. ISBN: 978 0 646 53489 3

The Changi Brownlow (1st edition) Roland Perry. Hachette, 2010. ISBN: 978 0 7336 2464 3

A Bastard Of A Place: The Australians In Papua by Peter Brune. Allen & Unwin, 2004. ISBN: 1 74114 403 5

The Commanders: Australian Military Leadership In The Twentieth Century (1st edition) by D. M. Horner. Allen & Unwin, 1984

$28 per item