Recent Candoninae (Crustacea, Osrtacoda) Of North America by I. Karanovic – Records of the Western Australian Museum No. 71


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ABSTRACT – A total of 66 species of Candoninae have been described or recorded from North America in the period between the years 1894 and 1990. The majority of these species are known from the United States of America and their type material is kept in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington. Since they were described, many new genera have been established in the subfamily Candoninae and more important morphological features for generic discrimination have been found. The descriptions of the North American Candoninae species are not sufficient to enable a proper generic designation or to establish their relationships with other World representatives of the subfamily. This paper is the result of re-examination of almost the entire collection of North American Candoninae from the Smithsonian Museum, and has resulted in a description of one new species and supplementary descriptions of 23 species. Seventeen species and four subspecies known from North America are synonymized, and four species known from elsewhere are synonymized with some of the North American species. Several species are found to be misidentified and three are